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Oct 04

Oberon Design to allow pre-orders for new Kindle Covers

Sep 28

Amazon Press Conference Coverage

Aug 17

Augen “The Book” ereader video review

Jun 07

Reading Revolutions: Online Digital Text and Implications for Reading in Academe -


While the Internet is a text–saturated world, reading online screens tends to be significantly different from reading printed text. This review essay examines literature from a variety of disciplines on the technological, social, behavioural, and neuroscientific impacts that the Internet is having on the practice of reading. A particular focus is given to the reading behaviour of emerging university students, especially within Canada and the United States. A brief overview is provided of the recent transformation of academic libraries into providers of online digital text in addition to printed books and other materials, before looking at research on college students’ preferences for print and digital text, and the cognitive neuroscience of reading on screen.

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May 25

Surprise, a new Nook…

May 13

iFlow is closing down

May 03

May 4, 2011 is Day Against DRM

May 01

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Apr 29

New Kindle Ad Talks About Real Books

Apr 28

Pandigital Novel 7 inch White on Sale