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Jul 01

Fire TV Screensaver causes data overages

Fire TV Screensaver causes data overages

amazon fire TVIf you own an Amazon Fire TV, this may affect you: Geek Wire is reporting that a software bug in the mosaic screensaver can cause users to unknowingly exceed their broadband data caps. Amazon is working on a fix and suggests users turn off the mosiac view to avoid the problem.

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Jun 28

Daily Links: Public Domain in the Digital Age

Daily Links: Public Domain in the Digital Age

From BoingBoing, an interesting piece on the public domain in the digital age and the concept of copyfraud.

Open Culture has an article on the Speech Accent Archive – The English accents of people who speak 341 different languages.

Amazon has 31 apps for free today (Saturday) via the Amazon App Store.

And on Making Use Of, you will find game, productivity and musical apps are on sale or free for…

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Jun 23

Daily Links: Deal on Kindle Fire HD and more

Daily Links: Deal on Kindle Fire HD and more

Kindle FireToday, Amazon’s Deal of the Day is a refurbished Kindle Fire 8.9  for only $139.00. This is the previous generation model with the micro HDMI port. I use mine a lot for streaming video because of that port.

The eBook Reader has a great post on turning your Android tablet into an ereader, with a comprehensive list of reading apps for Android.

I’ve been MIA because of a couple of home projects, but…

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Jun 09

Daily Links: Open Road launches series for controversial books

Daily Links: Open Road launches series for controversial books

From Publishers Weekly: Open Road launches series for controversial books

From the eBookReader.com: Kobo Website formatting tip on how to identify ePub types

From Teleread: Opening Nook books in Adobe Digital Editions

From Vox (via the Digital Reader): 7 Things the most-highlighted passages from Kindles tell us

From the Digital Reader: Missing in Action: The Kindle Paperwhite 3

Today, Amazon has a

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Jun 06

Your Oldest e-book Purchase Date

Your Oldest e-book Purchase Date

If you own a Kindle ereader, you have probably noticed that Amazon has completely redesigned the Manage Your Kindle Page (now called Manage Your Content and Devices). If you had a large number of books, the old page was a nightmare to try to use. It showed titles newest first and would only show 10 books or so at a time before you had to go to the next page. And after few pages, the system would…

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Jun 05

Samsung partners with Nook for a new tablet

Samsung partners with Nook for a new tablet

Today brings news that Samsung is partnering with Barnes and Noble on a new co-branded Nook Tabletthat will be based on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 4 model. The Galaxy Tab series is a popular line of tablets and new device is planned to build off incorporate the hardware and “provide customers “with easy access to Barnes & Noble’s expansive digital collection of more than three million books, leading…

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Jun 04

Did You Know: Quick Fix for a Frozen Screen

Did You Know: Quick Fix for a Frozen Screen

Here’s a quick fix for when your Kindle is running slow or freezes entirely:

Here are more troubleshooting tips, with pictures, including a nifty timer to count down the seconds to hold down your…

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Jun 02

Daily Links: Romance Novel app unveiled

Daily Links: Romance Novel app unveiled

These are from the last few days:

From Goodereader: RWA Novel App unveiled

From The Digital Reader: Kindle Cloud app goes international

From Open Culture: Free NASA book on communicating with Aliens

From Teleread: Free Liberace Biography

Daily Links are interesting links I discover as I go about my online day. The frequency and number of links posted depend upon the daily news.

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May 29

Daily Links: Why I won’t buy more NOOK books

Daily Links: Why I won’t buy more NOOK books

From Teleread: Why I won’t buy more Nook Books

From Tate Hallaway (the author of one of my favorite paranormal mysteries, Precinct 13), a interesting blog enty:  The Joys of Obscurity. If you liked the novel and also like serials, she is doing a follow up on Wattpad called Unjust Cause.

From The Bookseller: The Kindle Cloud Reader arrives in the UK

Daily Links are interesting links I discover…

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May 28

Daily Links: 9 books by Noam Chomsky for Free

Daily Links: 9 books by Noam Chomsky for Free

From Open Culture: Read 9 books by Noam Chomsky for free online

From Digital Book World: WOWIO launches ad-supported e-book app with 350,000 Ingram titles

From Ars Technica: Google Glass gives deaf an ASL interpreter

I missed this, but yesterday marked the 107th birthday of Rachael Carson, author of Silent Spring, the book credited with launching the environmental movement.

Daily Links are…

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